Creative Clay classes

african mask.jpg
african mask.jpg

Creative Clay classes


Every Sunday 10.30am-12pm for six weeks. Starting on 15th March

A six week course designed to teach children how to be confident in sculpting with clay, how to paint with glazes and how the kiln works. 

Week one: Learn the different types of clay and make a snake coil pot

Week two: Learn how to use a mould and make a 3D tortoise

Week three: Learn how to use terracotta clay and make an African mask

Week four: Paint the mask using underglaze paints and start painting projects from week 1 & 2 using top glazes

Week five: Finish painting the projects from week 1 & 2 

Week six: Paint a ceramic plate with a fun 3D fishbowl design 

The course costs £75 and includes all materials. Suitable for ages 6+

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