Frequently Asked Questions:


1. When are you open?

During term times we are open every weekend (from 10am-5pm) and Tuesday evenings (from 7pm-9pm). During the school holidays we are open every weekday and every weekend from 10am-5pm. 


2. What can I do in the main studio?

In the main studio we offer general pottery painting and t-shirt and bag designing (for both adults and children). These activities are available at any time during our open hours. 


3. If I want to pop in to paint pottery or design a t-shirt do I need to book?

Unless you are attending a specific class or you have a group of 6 or more people then you do not need to book, and you are welcome to pop in at any time during our opening hours. 


4. When will my pottery be ready?

The pottery will take one week from the day you painted it to go through the firing process. The pottery will be packaged up for you ready for collection, with the name which you gave on the day, and the date you painted. 


5. Do you call when the pottery is ready?

We only call if there are any firing issues. Unless we call it will be waiting for you on the collection shelves in one weeks time.


6. How long do you keep the pottery?

We will keep the pottery for 28 days. We do understand how life can happen, so if you are unable to pick up that pottery then please do make sure to call us and let us know to avoid disappointment. 


7. What classes do you run and do we need to book them?

For children we offer monthly weekend classes (10am-2pm) and school holiday classes every weekday of every holiday (10am-4pm). For adults we have Tuesday evening workshops and weekend workshops. All classes and workshops need to be booked, either online or over the phone, prior to the class. 


8. Do you have disabled access?

Our main studio is up a flight of stairs. However, we have a painting room downstairs (which seats up to 14 people) and a downstairs toilet available too. Please do let us know ahead of time if you will need any of these amenities.