This is the page where you’ll be able to find out about our weekly and monthly classes for children and young adults (our holiday workshops are on a separate tab).

We run monthly art classes for children aged 7-11 and for young adults ages 12+. There will be an exciting project each month that will teach children new skills and how to use different materials. We also run weekly art sessions for children which is great for those who enjoy being creative and want to become better artists. They will learn drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic painting, how to work with clay, glass fusing and more. 

Cancellation policy

We all know that sometimes despite our best intentions 'life' occasionally gets in the way. If you have booked a workshop and can no longer make it we can refund your booking if you let us know 14 days before the date of the workshop.  If you have to cancel less than 14 days unfortunately we cannot offer a refund as we will have bought materials and arranged tutors. 

If you would like to discuss art classes for your child please call 01622 735312. 


Young Adult Class: Creating Reflections

Sunday 24th March 2pm-5pm

During the course of this exciting class you will learn how to create reflections using acrylic paint and palette knives. We’ll teach you how to use light and dark and colour to create dramatic and beautiful effects.

This workshop is suitable for ages 12+ and costs £30. Please bring a snack.

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Children's Class: Painting Arctic Scenes

Sunday 24th March 10am-1pm

Based upon the art of Lawren Harris, we’ll be studying how to bring chillier climes to life in art. Using colour, shape and shading techniques to create depth and a hint of surrealism.

This worksop costs £30 and is suitable for ages 7+. Please bring a packed lunch.

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A lesson in how to draw faces

Saturday 27th April 10am-1pm

Enjoy learning how to draw portraits. Learn how to get proportions right, how to create realistic features and how to shade to create depth and make the face look detailed and three dimensional. 

The class costs £30 and is suitable for ages 7+. please bring a packed lunch. 

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Young Adults Class: Illustration

Saturday 27th April 2pm-5pm

During this class you’ll learn how to create beautiful illustrations using pens and watercolours. We’ll show you how to create atmosphere, character and even humour and how simple designs can be the most effective.

This workshop is suitable for ages 12+ and costs £30. Please bring a snack.

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LOL Dolls Workshop

Friday 3rd May 4.30pm-6.30pm

This children’s workshop celebrates the ever-popular LOL dolls. Everyone who joins the party receives their very own lucky dip LOL doll and will design and paint a plate (based on their favourite character). Plates will be fired and ready for collection in a week.

This workshop costs £25.

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Children's Art Class: Watercolour Techniques

Sunday 26th May 10am-1pm

During this beautiful workshop you’ll be learning exciting art techniques using wax resist, edging, salt, and much more, before creating your own underwater masterpiece.

This class costs £30 and is suitable for age 7+. Please bring a packed lunch

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Young Adult Class: How to Use Colour for Effect

Sunday 26th May 2pm-5pm

This class will take you through a journey of colour, how it has been used in the past and how you an use it in your own art to create beautiful effects. You will be creating your own portrait using acrylic paints.

This workshop costs £30 and is suitable for ages 12+. Please bring a snack.

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Pre-School Paint and Story Time

Starts Tuesday 30th April (for 4 weeks) 10.30am-12pm

Our 4 weekly classes are a wonderful, creative opportunity for little people to enjoy story time before painting a piece of pottery inspired by the book they've just enjoyed. Early childhood is a key time to promote your child's creative abilities and these relaxed and informal read and paint sessions will provide stimulation and engage their imaginations.  Each piece of pottery will be fired ready for collection the following week.  There will be tea and coffee on tap for the accompanying adult.

The course costs £54 per child for 4 weeks.

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Young Adult Class: Painting Flowers

Sunday June 2nd 2pm-5pm

This lovely class will show you how to bring flowers to life in your art. The studio is located on a flower farm, so we’ll have some peonies or roses to draw from life.

This workshop costs £30 and is suitable for ages 12+. Please bring a snack.

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Parent and Child Clay Workshop (with wheel throwing)

Sunday 30th June 10.30am-12.30pm

This exciting workshop is a chance for parents and children to do some art together. Get creative learning how to throw a pot on a wheel, a fantastic (and sometimes funny) skill to learn together. You will also get the chance to work with clay and hand build pieces that can be displayed at home. The items will need be fired and will be ready to collect in 3 weeks. The pieces can be painted at home with acrylic paint or in the studio with glazes for £5 an item.

The workshop costs £40 for two people. Please call us if you would like to add an additional child.

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Children's Art Class: Creating A Jungle

Sunday 23rd June 10am-1pm

Create a stunning jungle collage (based on the work of Rousseau) using layered paper, acrylic paint and bright colours.

This class costs £30 and is suitable for ages 7+. Please bring a packed lunch.

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How we teach...

Most children love art. They are brave about it too, with very little inhibitions about what they make and no fear of a blank canvas. We aim to keep it that way. 

We work with each child to help them develop their artistic skills with small prompts such as “have a look out of the window…can you see how the sky touches the ground? Now have another go and try to get the blue sky to meet the green grass” and with the older ones “Think about the bone structure inside the animal you are drawing, the poor horse has his knee bending the wrong way.” We like to have fun with the children whilst getting them to pick up a whole variety of knowledge to help them become better artists.

Confidence is something we work on as well. It is one of the most important attributes to making great art. We encourage the children to be positive about their art, not to panic about mistakes and to give things a try.  

Describing an art lesson...

Each lesson the children work on a project. We present the children with an idea and show them the technique. We then encourage them to develop their idea through sketches to work out a good composition.

For example:

The theme for this course was 'Places' and the project was about vanishing points and perspectives. 

The children were asked to find the vanishing point on these images.

They were shown how to create a 3D city with a vanishing point and had to come up with a monster to attack the city 'Godzilla' style. This was a two week project and here are the results….

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our art classes please call on 01622 735312