Welcome to our children's art club. We run monthly art classes for children aged 8 upwards. There will be an exciting project each month that will teach children new skills and how to use different materials.  Art club is great for those who enjoy being creative and want to become better artists. They will learn drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic painting, how to work with clay, glass fusing and more. 

If you would like to discuss art classes for your child please call 01622 735312. 

Monthly classes 2018

A lesson in how to draw faces

Sunday 28th January 2018 10am-2pm

Enjoy learning how to draw portraits. Learn how to get proportions right, how to create realistic features and how to shade to create depth and make the face look detailed and three dimensional. 

The class costs £30, please bring a packed lunch. 

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A Lesson in Drawing and Painting Animals

Sunday 11th February 10am-2pm

This class you will be learning how to draw animals. Learn how to upscale from a photo, use shading to make a picture more realistic and use inks.

The class is £30, please bring a packed lunch.

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A Lesson in Blending and Shading

Saturday 10th March 10am-2pm 

During this class you'll learn the art of blending colours, an important artistic technique. After practicing on paper you'll paint your own design with acrylic on canvas and using blending, shading and silhouette effects to create a whole scene. 

This workshop costs £30, please bring a packed lunch

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A Lesson in Koi carp painting

Saturday 21st April 10am-2pm

Learn how to paint a Koi Carp using acrylic paints, pencils (and bubble blowing!) onto canvas. Learn how to create shadowing, depth and movement with some clever techniques and brushstrokes. 

The workshop costs £30 please bring a packed lunch

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A Lesson in Watercolour

Sunday May 27th 10am-2pm

Enjoy spending the day learning lots of new artistic skills, including how to paint with wax resist and watercolours to create your own brightly coloured turtle painting.

The workshop costs £30, please bring a packed lunch.

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A Lesson in Sgraffito

Saturday 30th June 10am-2pm 

Sgraffito is an ancient and effective ceramic technique. Spend time creating beautiful ceramic pieces using this new skill. This scratching effect always gives fantastic detailed results, and is always fun to do. 

This workshop costs £30. Please bring a packed lunch. 

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Understanding colour

Saturday 28th July 10am-2pm

Create colour wheels to show which colours compliment each other and which contrast. Look at how different colours create a different mood in your artwork and enjoy the afternoon making a watercolour, acrylic and wax animal project.

The day workshop costs £30. Please bring a packed lunch. 

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A Lesson in Textile Designing and Painting

Sunday 28th October 10am-2pm

This class is all about learning how fabric painting works and how to print designs onto textiles. After some time practicing, You'll have a chance to design your own sugar skull t-shirt in celebration of Halloween. You can use templates, stamps and tools to create your own design. Your t-shirt will be ready to take home the same day.

The workshop costs £30, please bring a packed lunch


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A Lesson in how to draw Mythical Creatures

Saturday September 22nd 10am-2pm

Learn how to draw a dragon and other mythical creatures. Learn how to use shading to create a 3D effect, how to create structure and add detail using ink and water and then paint an image using metallic pens and acrylic paints.

The workshop costs £30. Please bring a packed lunch.  

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A Lesson in Palette Knife Painting

Saturday 8th December 10am-2pm

Enjoy learning all about the exciting skill of palette knife painting. We’ll be using winter as our theme to create beautiful images full of movement. We’ll supply all of the materials including acrylics and canvases.

This workshop costs £30. Please bring a packed lunch.

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How to Paint the Northern Lights Sky

Saturday 17th November 10am-12pm

Celebrate the northern lights in this exciting class where you’ll be using watercolours and acrylics to create dramatic and beautiful effects.

This workshop costs £30. Please bring a packed lunch.

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How we teach...

Most children love art. They are brave about it too, with very little inhibitions about what they make and no fear of a blank canvas. We aim to keep it that way. 

We work with each child to help them develop their artistic skills with small prompts such as “have a look out of the window…can you see how the sky touches the ground? Now have another go and try to get the blue sky to meet the green grass” and with the older ones “Think about the bone structure inside the animal you are drawing, the poor horse has his knee bending the wrong way.” We like to have fun with the children whilst getting them to pick up a whole variety of knowledge to help them become better artists.

Confidence is something we work on as well. It is one of the most important attributes to making great art. We encourage the children to be positive about their art, not to panic about mistakes and to give things a try.  

Describing an art lesson...

Each lesson the children work on a project. We present the children with an idea and show them the technique. We then encourage them to develop their idea through sketches to work out a good composition.

For example:

The theme for this course was 'Places' and the project was about vanishing points and perspectives. 

The children were asked to find the vanishing point on these images.

They were shown how to create a 3D city with a vanishing point and had to come up with a monster to attack the city 'Godzilla' style. This was a two week project and here are the results….

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our art classes please call on 01622 735312